A Message from Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, Director, Office of Science, to the DOE Office of Science and the Science Community about Marvin E. Gunn, Jr.

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April 26, 2006

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to inform you that Marvin E. Gunn, Jr., Manager of the Department of Energy's Office of Science Chicago Office has announced his retirement effective May 3, 2006.

Marvin Gunn joined the Atomic Energy Commission in 1973. He has held several positions with the Department and its predecessor agencies in nuclear, fossil, and energy efficiency and renewable programs, before becoming Deputy Manager of the Chicago Office in 1999 and its Manager in 2000. In that capacity, he has been responsible for managing almost $4 billion in DOE research and development grants and contracts, and a staff of 260 employees. His leadership has been exemplary, leading to outstanding performance of the Chicago Office.

Under the new OneSC organization, launched in April 2005, Marvin Gunn and the Chicago Office team have worked in close partnership with the Oak Ridge Office as the Office of Science's Integrated Support Center. The Chicago Office has absorbed greater responsibilities in every aspect of our business enterprise, meeting the challenges of management transition and implementing a new approach to Office of Science operations. In addition, the Chicago Office has played a vital role in the Congressionally mandated competitions for several of our laboratory management and operating contracts. Marvin Gunn personally led the Source Selection Board for the new Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory contract awarded in 2005.

Marvin Gunn has received the DOE Meritorious Service Award twice (in 1992 and 1999) and the DOE Secretary's Gold Award (1997). In 1989, he was named Senior Engineer of the Year by the District of Columbia Council of Engineering and Architectural Societies. American University's School of Public Affairs honored him, in 2005, with the Roger W. Jones Award for Executive Leadership, recognizing public servants in the federal government whose careers have been marked by extraordinary effectiveness.

Marvin Gunn's broad background and skills will be missed in the Office of Science and throughout the Department. His personal commitment to excellence and Government service has set a standard for all of us in the Office of Science. We are indebted to his many contributions and wish him well in all his future endeavors.


Signature of Dr. Raymond L. Orbach

Raymond L. Orbach
Director, Office of Science
U.S. Department of Energy