National Science Bowl Regional Results Are In! Watch Video Footage from the Competitions

Young scientists have found a competition where they can strut their intellectual stuff: the National Science Bowl (NSB). The end of March marked the completion of all regional competitions for the NSB, and we have footage of the fun. Now, winning teams across the nation are practicing and preparing for the final competition in Chevy Chase, Md. near Washington, D.C. scheduled for April 28th-May 3rd.

The NSB, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Office of Science, features Jeopardy-style quizzes and problem-solving exercises for middle school and high school students. From January through March, teams at regional events across the country competed head to head in a series of rounds, answering science and math questions from topics such as chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, earth science, and energy. They also participated in hands-on activities at the events, such as model car races and tower-building competitions. The first place team from each of 69 high school and 41 middle school competitions won an all expense paid trip to the finals, where they will battle for the NSB championship title.

The University of Texas-Pan American prepared this video highlighting the excitement at their regional event for both middle school and high school students. Not only did the University host the competition, they also presented an exhilarating chemistry show with student participation in its experiments. The students were absolutely glowing. One said, "I can't really explain the way it feels to be here. It's crazy! Everyone is so up to it and working so hard. Wow!"

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Video Credit: University of Texas-Pan American

Ames Laboratory, one of DOE's 10 National Laboratories, also hosts a regional competition each year. Students at the event discussed the importance of the NSB as an opportunity to participate in an academic competition.

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Video credit: Ames Laboratory

In the following video, middle school competitors at Ames Lab explain the science behind their hydrogen fuel-cell cars. These miniature, eco-friendly vehicles are built to race in the hands-on segment of the competition. The competitors really look forward to the car race which is a highlight at the national finals in Washington, D.C. Watch this video clip to see its race to the finish line.

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Video credit: Ames Laboratory

While students were thrilled to participate regionally, the winners are anxiously awaiting the final competition. Stay tuned for more news on that front. For the latest updates from the NSB and a list of regional winners, visit the National Science Bowl Journal. Also follow the NSB on Facebook under the name Official National Science Bowl. For more information about DOE's Office of Science, visit

This article was written by Abigail Pillitteri, a writer for the Office of Science.