Potential Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior at SC-Hosted Events

The Office of Science (SC) expects the scientific community participating in SC-sponsored events to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful, ethical, professional, inclusive, and non-disruptive. By attending such events, participants agree to conduct themselves according to these expectations. If a participant does not adhere to such expectations, SC reserves the right to take appropriate action.

Such action may include:

  • A verbal reprimand and reminder of the expectations,
  • Being asked to leave the event,
  • Removal by security personnel,
  • Temporary or permanent suspension from receiving invitations to future non-public SC events, and,
  • Reporting of individual(s) responsible for exclusionary and/or disruptive workplace behavior through appropriate channels.

Inappropriate behavior can be reported by an attendee to the senior most SC federal manager present at the event or the senior federal manager of the SC host office for the event. Retaliation against individuals who report inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Behaviors that constitute a violation of a Federal statute, e.g., discrimination or harassment, can be reported to meeting organizers or the lead SC Program Staff, who can provide guidance on options for formal reporting with the appropriate civil rights office, whether that be DOE’s Office of Civil Rights or other appropriate institutional office.