DOE Resources Supporting Coronavirus Research

Ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronavirusesCDC / Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAM


DOE and Public Health Research Disciplines

DOE provides research funding and resources to National Laboratories and academic institutions for a broad range of scientific disciplines including genomic-related research, structural characterization of biomolecules and computational modelling of biological systems.

These areas of research support the development of new technologies, generation of datasets, and computational technologies for data synthesis, analysis and visualization as part of DOE’s energy-related missions but are also available to the scientific community and the public to facilitate research and development of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics for infectious diseases, including those caused by coronaviruses.

To encourage further research and investigation, DOE has identified scientific and technical information related to coronavirus and viral-related research. The web resources provided on this page include search tools and resources that support access to DOE-funded research results.


Scientific and Technical Information Available via OSTI.GOV

DOE-funded Scientific and Technical Information (STI), which includes Journal Articles, Technical Reports, Software, Datasets, etc., is made available via OSTI.GOV. To support national and worldwide research efforts, OSTI.GOV has provided a custom search for Coronavirus and related topics: OSTI.GOV Coronavirus and Related Biological Research Results

Additionally, the following search terms are provided for your convenience; to further refine your search you can select from the “full text” links (i.e., record metadata and the research object are available) or “citation only” (i.e., record only includes access to bibliographic metadata).

Search OSTI.GOV Full Text Citations Only
Antiviral* Antiviral* (Full Text) Antiviral* (Citations Only)
“Computational biology” AND epide* Computational biology” AND epide* (Full Text) Computational biology” AND epide* (Citations Only)
Coronavirus Coronavirus (Full Text) Coronavirus (Citations Only)
COV AND Virus COV AND Virus (Full Text) COV AND Virus (Citations Only)
Disease AND forecast* Disease AND forecast* (Full Text) Disease AND forecast* (Citations Only)
Epidemic Epidemic (Full Text) Epidemic (Citations Only)
Epidemiology Epidemiology (Full Text) Epidemiology (Citations Only)
“Infectious Disease” “Infectious Disease” (Full Text) “Infectious Disease” (Citations Only)
Influenza Influenza (Full Text) Influenza (Citations Only)
Model* AND disease Model* AND disease (Full Text) Model* AND disease (Citations Only)
"N95 mask" AND COVID-19 "N95 mask" AND COVID-19 (Full Text) "N95 mask" AND COVID-19 (Citations Only)
Pandemic Pandemic (Full Text) Pandemic (Citations Only)
"Personal protective equipment" AND COVID-19 "Personal protective equipment" AND COVID-19 (Full Text) "Personal protective equipment" AND COVID-19 (Citations Only)
(SARS OR MERS) AND Virus (SARS OR MERS) AND Virus (Full Text) (SARS OR MERS) AND Virus (Citations Only)
“Structural biology” AND virus “Structural biology” AND virus (Full Text) “Structural biology” AND virus (Citations Only)
Viral Viral (Full Text) Viral (Citations Only)
“Viral disease” “Viral disease” (Full Text) “Viral disease” (Citations Only)
Virology Virology (Full Text) Virology (Citations Only)
Virus Virus (Full Text) Virus (Citations Only)
Virus AND genom* Virus AND genom* (Full Text) Virus AND genom* (Citations Only)
Virus AND Structur* Virus AND Structur* (Full Text) Virus AND Structur* (Citations Only)
Virus OR Viral Virus OR Viral (Full Text) Virus OR Viral (Citations Only)
(Virus OR Viral) AND biology (Virus OR Viral) AND biology (Full Text) (Virus OR Viral) AND biology (Citations Only)
(Virus OR Viral) AND sequenc* (Virus OR Viral) AND sequenc* (Full Text) (Virus OR Viral) AND sequenc* (Citations Only)


U.S. Federal Agency Research Available via

To support U.S. federal scientific information access and exchange, DOE works with other federal partners across all federal agencies through is a federated search that provides access to free journal articles, peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts, and reports of research funded by federal science agencies. has provided a custom search for Coronavirus and related topics: Coronavirus Related Research

To further search the scientific and technical information available through, a series of search terms are provided for your convenience.

“Computational biology” AND epide*
Disease AND forecast*
“Infectious Disease”
Model* AND disease
“Structural biology” AND virus
“Viral disease”
Virus AND genom*
Virus AND Structur*
Virus OR Viral
(Virus OR Viral) AND biology
(Virus OR Viral) AND sequenc*