The Office of Acquisition Management provides guidance and coordinates policy for the Office of Science (SC), and provides direct support to the Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) on all matters related to SC procurements and financial assistance. 

The Office of Acquisition Management:

  • Serves as the principle advisor to the HCA and SC leadership.
  • Seeks consistent implementation of operations related policies across the SC complex and consistency in oversight of contractor performance.
  • Advises the Director of Science on procurement issues related to the extension or competition of the M&O contracts for the national laboratories.
  • Facilitates the competition of the SC laboratories’ M&O contracts.
  • Leads the Independent Review Board function.
  • Serves on and/or leads oversight review teams.
  • Serves on review teams for the Office of Project Assessment. 
  • Provides guidance to the Site Offices and the Consolidated Service Center to ensure consistency and accuracy. 
  • Advises the HCA on the overall health and well-being of the SC procurement function, including identifying workforce issues and recommending solutions.
  • Reviews all HCA actions and recommends approval and collaborates with the Offices of Management and General Counsel, as needed.
  • Integrates and coordinates M&O contracting, non-M&O contracting and financial assistance policy for SC.
  • Supports the HCA in managing and evaluating all energy savings contracts, including Energy Savings Performance Contracts, Utility Energy Service Contracts, and utility acquisitions.
  • Leads the Contractor Human Resources function for SC.
  • Manages the Small Business Program for SC.
  • Reviews warrant applications and recommends approval.