Fellow Stories

Meet a few of the 2010 DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellows

Name Blog Title
Anderson, Sarah Elizabeth Be Very Quiet, We Are Trapping Atoms
Appelt, Eric Andrew Charming the Bottom out of Quarks
Caldwell, Timothy Switch Systems to Energy Efficiency
Chavas, Daniel Studying Hurricanes in their Infancy
Corrigan, Ashley Lynn Deciphering the Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols
DeWitt, Stephen Joseph Harvesting and Storing the Sun’s Energy
Drlica-Wagner, Karl Alex Lighting the Path of Dark Matter
Fidler, Andrew Francis Uncovering the Power of Photosynthesis
Gabet, Kathryn Uncovering the Mystery of Fire
Gardel, Emily Jeanette Harnessing Bacteria for Energy
Garrison, Lauren Fusing Material and Plasma Science
Gneshin, Keith William Coal power without Coal Mining?
Hood, Iris Vanessa Unwinding the Mystery of DNA
Jain, Neera Optimizing Energy for the Future
Kobach, Andrew Christopher Testing the Standard Model
Kratz, Carley Jane Peering into the Soil to Understand Climate Change
Lester, Christopher Michael Probing the Fundamental Forces of Nature
Long, Phillip David Learning the Lessons of Photosynthesis
Mellnik, Alex Ryckman A Research Path Follows a Magnetic Spin
Mullin, Sam From the Realm of Science Fiction to Science Reality
Nelson, Cory Alexander Harvesting Sunlight with Quantum Dots
Noderer, William Lewis Scientifically Setting the Limits on Radiation
Ohlson, Alice Elisabeth Tracking Quarks through Plasma
Roddy, Adam Bryant Exploring the Secrets of Flowers
Wilson, Kali The Turbulence of a Tiny Cloud of Atoms