Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Argonne Site Office Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion Number
10/13/2021 ASO-CX-390 Stable Salt Reactor B 3.6
5/19/2022 ASO-CX-394 A Zero-Emission Process for Direct Reduction of Iron by Hydrogen Plasma in a Rotary Kiln Reactor B 3.6
1/18/2022 ASO-CX-393 Operation of 3 MeV Electron Van de Graaf Accelerator B 3.6
8/24/2021 ASO-CX-389 Sodium and Lithium Work B 3.6
7/19/2021 ASO-CX-388 Pollinator and other Wildlife Surveys at Minnesota Solar Facilities and Agricultural Fields 2018-2021 B 3.3
12/15/2021 ASO-CX-392 Precipitation Reactor for Advanced Battery Cathode Materials B3.6
11/8/2021 ASO-CX-391 Application of Advanced Materials Processing to Enable Direct Production of Fast Reactor Fuel Alloys B3.6
6/15/2021 ASO-CX-386 Demonstration of electrochemical extraction and purification of organic acids in biorefinery CX: B 3.6
4/30/2021 ASO-CX-385 Development of Sensor Performance Model of Microwave Cavity Flow Meter for Advanced Reactor High Temperature Fluids B 3.6
4/20/2021 ASO-CX-384 Y.Cube and BESS-affiliated system operations at building 300 B4.1, B 4.6