Bay Area Regional High School Science Bowl

Coach Registration
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Regional Event Information
Date: 03/06/2021
Maximum Number of Teams: 24
Maximum Number of Teams per School: 2
Registration Fee: N/A
Hosted by: Sandia National Laboratories (California)

States and/or Counties Served
Alameda County
Contra Costa County
Imperial County
Lake County
Mariposa County
Mendocino County
Monterey County
Napa County
San Benito County
San Diego County
Solano County
Sonoma County

Team Approval Process
We will except teams from California Schools from any county that does NOT have a regional event.  While we desire to accept 24 teams, teams will be accepted in order of their registration only as we have confirmed sufficient volunteers to conduct a successful regional.  We will accept 2nd teams only if space available and at the last minute.

Regional Contact Information
Regional Coordinator: Timothy Shepodd

Co-Coordinator:  Keri McArthur