Linear Coherent Light Source (LCLS)-II will add two new X-ray laser beams and room for additional new instruments, greatly increasing the number of experiments carried out each year. Its new capabilities will allow scientists to do important research that cannot be done anywhere today, including work in drug development, energy science and advanced materials.

The Research Support Building and Infrastructure Modernization (RSB) Project encompasses the construction of a new office building (Bldg. 052), the demolition of the aging trailers in "PEP City," the complete renovation of the Administrative & Engineering Building (Bldg. 041) and the Warehouse/User Building (Bldg. 028), and the many staff moves that will need to occur in the process. As a result of this project, more than half of SLAC's staff members will move into significantly more modern office space. Employees who work on similar projects will be located together, encouraging collaboration, and the new office space will promote the "One Lab" concept, complementing SLAC's cutting-edge scientific programs.