Mission & Functions


This Office plans, develops, manages, and implements a central management policy support program that utilizes customer service and quality assurance principles to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the Office of Science (SC). These areas include program direction and analysis management; financial management; corporate business management; management analyses; acquisition and financial assistance management; human resources advisory services; human capital planning; information technology services; grants and contracts management; business and administrative services and scientific and technical information management for the entire Department of Energy. The Office assists in ensuring that SC activities are in full conformance with the Secretary's equal opportunity policies and that prudent business management practices and policies are employed in the proper use of Federal funds. The Office serves as the principal SC-wide point of contact with other DOE staff organizations and represents the business management needs of SC to the Department; coordinates development of the SC position on proposed Orders, regulations, and policy documents; and manages activities required by the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act and the Federal Advisory Committee Act.


Deputy Director for Resource Management

  1. Serves as the principal advisor to the SC Director regarding business policy, resource management, human capital, and issues related to the management of the offices reporting to the Deputy Director for Resource Management. Also serves as the principal advisor regarding matters relating to the SC program direction budgets for HQ and the Site Offices.
  2. Assists the SC Director in carrying out all aspects of his scientific duties and responsibilities, including formulating SCPD budget requests. Also assists in the defense of the SCPD budget through DOE, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), and Congressional committees.
  3. Provides business and management oversight of, and direction to, the Resource Management Offices. Appraises the performance of their Directors and managers.
  4. Establishes SC-specific policies, plans, and procedures related to the management of the SC business and resource lines. Establishes consistent policies and procedures when appropriate. Sets expectations for performance in these areas.
  5. Establishes the SC position regarding the impact of proposed or revised legislation, Executive Orders, and DOE policies affecting the business operations and systems of the Office of Science. Resolves disputes within SC when necessary.
  6. Champions SC interests regarding the development of policies, requirements, or initiatives by the Department, other Executive Branch agencies, or the Congress affecting business operations, practices, and systems and human capital as they affect the conduct and management of the research programs funded by the Office of Science. Works to resolve disputes at the highest as the champion for crosscutting issues and Serves levels of the Department whenever necessary.
  7. Serves as the champion for crosscutting issues and research initiatives that affect the business operations, systems, services and human capital with the SC HQ organization.
  8. Monitors and assesses the effectiveness of the performance measures used to evaluate the execution of the business, resource management and human capital offices in SC HQ.
  9. Works with the Deputy Director for Field Operations and the Deputy Director for Science Programs to support the requirements and needs of a coordinated and integrated research effort across the HQ SC programs, site offices, and laboratories through business and resource management operations-related activities.
  10. Represents SC and makes commitments for the Department in discussions and meetings with high-level government and private sector officials. Typical meetings may be with members of Congress, and senior representatives within DOE and across other agencies, including OMB, OSTP, the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council, and the National Science and Technology Council.
  11. Manages space acquisition, planning, and moves for SC which includes space acquisition, planning, and moves for SC HQ and the Germantown, MD facility. Negotiates with headquarters Office of Management and Administration to acquire additional space to accommodate SC needs, allocates space for SC program offices, and provides guidance to SC managers in developing their space plans. Serves as point of contact for Union issues related to these activities.