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Simulation Technology and Applied Research
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Radio Frequency Accelerator Technology for High Energy Accelerators and Colliders
Recovery Act - Robust and Efficient Dark Current Modeling on Finite-Element Meshes
Computer simulation is an important tool for understanding and guiding the design and operation of experiments. In high-energy accelerators, the onset of dark current and multipacting will limit their operating gradients and the achievable particle energy. Understanding and suppressing dark current generation is an important part of designing a variety of high field-gradient structures, including radio-frequency electron guns, slow-wave structures, and power feed systems. In this project, STAAR, Inc. proposes to create a first-of-its-kind design capability for use in dark current/multipacting amelioration for accelerator, microwave tube, and other particle beam applications. Improved software for dark current and multipacting modeling will lower development costs of components for next-generation accelerators such as the International Linear Collider. Better software will also enable more rapid design of high-power microwave tubes, helping the U.S. microwave tube industry compete in a worldwide marketplace.