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TPL, Incorporated
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Radio Frequency Accelerator Technology for High Energy Accelerators and Colliders
Recovery Act - Nanocomposite Film Capacitors for High Energy Accelerators
Capacitors represent a key component in many pulsed power systems, in particular power modulators for high energy accelerators. As switching technology improves, a need for improved capacitor performance has become more pronounced, as required for next generation solid-state pulsed power systems. The desirable parameters for such capacitors include: high energy density, high reliability, high peak current delivery, low loss, long life, and fast rise-time capability. TPL, Inc. proposes to develop a nanocomposite film to increase the energy density which will improve efficiency, reduce overall system cost, enable significant reductions in mass and volume, and enable mobile power systems. This nanocomposite, with possesses high temperature capabilities, will allow the capacitors to operate in environments without active cooling such as in vehicle engine compartments. TPL expects this technology to provide a factor of three reduction in the device size in a number of high power electronic systems. Successful results could benefit applications and enable opportunities in the defense, energy, and power electronics industries.