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Seldon Technologies, Inc.
31 Depot Avenue
P. O. Box 710
Windsor, VT 05089-0710
Recovery Act - Novel Carbon Nanotube Containing Media for Water Separation from B-100 Biodiesel
The solution to the problem of inseparability of water from biodiesel is very important for the development of biodiesel market. This project will use its proprietary technology of carbon nanotube containing media (nanomesh), also utilized in other Seldon filtration products, to develop a costeffective solution to this problem.
Versatilis LLC
488 Ridgefield Road
Shelburne, VT 05482-6311
Recovery Act - Electret Field Enhanced Organic Solar Cells
This project will develop the world's first electretic solar cells based on incorporating electrets with permanent electric charge (the electrical analog to magnets), into organic solar cell structures to dramatically improve their efficiency