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Candent Technologies, Inc.
6107 West Airport Blvd, Suite 190
Greenfield, IN 46140-9122
Recovery Act - Advanced Technology High Efficiency Low Cost Small Turbine for DG and CHP
This project will develop an advanced technology, low cost, high efficiency, multi-fuel, small gas turbine engine, which is suitable for power generation and propulsion (marine, aviation) applications, and which will greatly reduce fossil fuel consumption as well as green house gas emissions.
Innovative Energy Solution
9839 Industrial Court, Suite C
Highland, IN 46322-2660
Recovery Act - Reducing Energy and Carbon Intensity in Oil Refining
This project will improve a technology to recover free hydrogen from the toxic waste gas, hydrogen sulfide, found in oil and natural gas processing. Using the hydrogen for combined electricity and steam generation will reduce the carbon emissions and increase the energy efficiency and competitiveness of refineries and gas plants while creating jobs.
Lucid Energy Technologies, LLP
118 East Washington Street, Suite 2
Goshen, IN 46528-3727
Recovery Act - Power Pipe, Goshen Powerhouse Project
This project will develop a renewable energy system that will generate electricity by extracting energy from the excess head pressure in water transmission pipelines. The innovative technology has the capacity to generate millions of kilowatt-hours from an abundant source of energy which, to date, has been wasted.