Preparing and Submitting a Phase I Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a document that you submit in advance of your Phase I application to the DOE SBIR/STTR programs. It contains important information about your application, such as a technical abstract, that will assist DOE in identifying reviewers in advance of receiving your application.  The primary purpose of the LOI is to enable DOE program managers to assign reviewers.  Your technical abstract should contain sufficient technical information so that reviewers with appropriate technical backgrounds can be identified for you application.  However, your LOI should not include any proprietary information.

Applicants must submit a LOI for every application; only those applicants that submit a LOI by the due date are eligible to submit a full application.

  • The following Letter of Intent Instructions provides detailed guidance on how to prepare and submit a Letter of Intent.
  • The following Letter of Intent Example is an example of the detail sought in an LOI technical abstract.  You may use fewer than 500 words; however, we must be able to determine the type of technical reviewers needed and the overall responsiveness to the topic and subtopic.