Dear Colleague Letter in Support of Scientists Impacted by the Conflict in Ukraine

Message from the Director

Internal Q&As for Office of Science staff

These Q&As will be updated as questions come in. If you have questions, please send them to

May a supplement to collaborate with students or scientists impacted by the conflict in Ukraine be structured as a funded extension (adding more time to the award)?

Adding time to an existing award would complicate the timing of a renewal action. The renewal could not start until after the end of the time added to the existing award. We strongly advise against requesting additional time for a supplement if a renewal application has been submitted or is planned to be submitted.

Are there funding considerations to be aware of with a multi-year (or multiple budget period) supplement?

Yes. Supplemental funding needs to follow the same funding approach as the main award. If the existing award is forward funded, the supplement must be forward funded. If the existing award is annually funded, the supplement provides funding for the first budget period of the supplement and the second budget period of the supplement is funded at the next continuation.

How should program managers assess the supplemental requests?

  • Program managers should assess the supplement requests based on scientific merit to advance the research objectives of the existing award.
  • Supplement requests with no change in scope do not require merit review. Applications can be quite brief.
  • Supplement requests with a change in scope are subject to merit review. Internal review is recommended.

Where will the funding for supplement requests come from?

There are no funds set aside or appropriated for this opportunity. As long as the scope and rationale for the supplement aligns with the intent of the Dear Colleague letter, supplements should be supported as best we can within available funding. Please discuss with your Division or Office lead.