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Dec 8-11

19th International Toki Conference (ITC19) on Advanced Physics in Plasma and Fusion Research

Toki City, Japan /
John Mandrekas

Dec 15-16

DOE Review of NSTX Upgrade Project


Dec 15-16

IEA/ITPA Meeting on Joint Activities

Daejon, Korea / Erol Oktay




Jan 6

BaPSF On-site Review

Los Angeles, CA/
Michael Crisp

Jan 12-15

International Symposium on Waves, Coherent Structures and Turbulence in Plasmas, Institute for Plasma Research

Gandhinagar, India


Jan 18-21

Workshop on Opportunities in Plasma Astrophysics

PPPL / Mark Koepke

Jan 25-28

ECH Technology Meeting

GA / Barry Sullivan

Jan 26

FY 2012 Budget Discussions with SC-1

DOE/Forrestal /Sharon Stevens

Jan 26-27

NSF/DOE Basic Plasma Science Panel Review

NSF / Ann Satsangi

Jan 27-29

C-Mod PAC Meeting

MIT /Steve Eckstrand

Jan 28

Mirror Meeting

OFES Conf Room /Curt Bolton

Feb 1-2

NSF/DOE Basic Plasma Science Panel Review

NSF / Ann Satsangi

Feb 2-4

3rd US-India Civilian Nuclear Working Group (CNWG) Meeting

Mumbai, India / Erol Oktay

Feb 3-5

NSTX PAC Meeting

PPPL / Steve Eckstrand

Feb 4-5

NSF/DOE Basic Plasma Science Panel Review

NSF / Ann Satsangi

Feb 8-9

NSF/DOE Basic Plasma Science Panel Review

NSF / Ann Satsangi

Feb 12

13th US-EU Coordinating Committee (CC-13) Meeting

DOE/Forrestal / Debra Frame

Feb 16-19

ICC 2010 Workshop

PPPL / Sam Barish

Feb 18-22

AAAS Annual Meeting

San Diego, CA / Mike Crisp

Feb 22-23

SC Graduate Fellowships Program Review

Washington, DC /
Darlene Markevich

Feb 22-23

US IAEA Paper Selection Committee Meeting

Gaithersburg, MD /
John Mandrekas

Feb 23-24

39th IEA-FPCC Meeting

Paris, France / Debra Frame

Feb 24

ITER Heads of Delegation Meeting

Paris, France / John Glowienka

March 1-3

ORNL Atomic Data Program On-site Review

ORNL / Michael Crisp

March 9-10


Gaithersburg Hilton

March 10-11

MAC Meeting

Cadarache, France /
John Glowienka

March 11-12

Budget Planning Meeting

Gaithersburg Hilton /
Barry Sullivan

March 11-12

SC Graduate Fellowships Program Review

Washington, DC /
Darlene Markevich

March 16

13th US-EU Coordinating Committee (CC-13) Meeting


March 24

28th US-Japan Executive Secretaries Meeting (ESM)

Hampton Inn,
Germantown, MD /
Debra Frame

March 24-25

Extraordinary ITER Council Meeting (tentative)


March 24-26

5th IAEA TM on Physics and Technology of Inertial Fusion Energy

Vienna, Austria /
Gene Nardella/Francis Thio

March 25-26

FSP PAC Meeting

PPPL / John Mandrekas

April 12-14

TBM Workshop

Cadarache / Erol Oktay

April 12-16

International Conference on Plasma Diagnostics

Pont-a-Mousson, France /
Nirmol Podder

April 13-16

Transport Task Force (TTF) Workshop

Loews Hotel,
Annapolis, MD /
John Mandrekas

April 19-21

International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

Seattle, WA / Curt Bolton

April 19-23

IAEA FEC 2010 Programme Committee Meeting

Vienna / John Mandrekas

April 27-28

17th Mtg of the IFRC Subcommittee on Atomic and Molecular Data for Fusion

Vienna / Mike Crisp

April 27-29

DIII-D PAC Meeting

GA / Erol Oktay

April 28-30

Omega Laser Facility User Group Workshop

Rochester, NY / Mark Koepke

May 3-7

IAEA FEC 2010 Programme Committee Meeting

Vienna / John Mandrekas

May 5-7

5th PRC-US Magnetic Fusion Collaboration Workshop

Wuhan, China

May 9


Aix-en-Provence / Erol Oktay

May 10-11

Plasma Science Center for Control of Plasma Kinetics Annual Mtg. (LTPSC)

Ann Arbor, MI / (Mike Crisp)

May 10-12


Cadarache / (Oktay/Glowienka)

May 12-14


Cadarache / (Oktay/Glowienka)

May 15

IO DA Meeting

Cadarache / John Glowienka

May 16-20

18th Topical Conference on High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics

Wildwood, NJ / Nirmol Podder

May 17-18


Cadarache / (Oktay/Glowienka)

May 20-21

Test Blanket Module Program Committee (TBM PC) Meeting

Cadarache / John Glowienka

May 24 - 28

19th Intl Conf on Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices

San Diego, CA / Gene Nardella

May 31 - June 4

4th ITER International Summer School (MHD and Plasma Control in Magnetic Fusion Devices)

Austin, TX / Nirmol Podder

June 8-9

DIII-D Year End Review

GA / Erol Oktay

June 9-10

Onsite Panel Review of GA Theory Program

GA / John Mandrekas

June 12

US-Japan JCM


June 14-15

US-Korea JCM


June 14-17

24th Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology

Prague, Czech Rep.

June 15


China / John Glowienka

June 16-17


China / John Glowienka

June 17-18

BaPSF Review Panel

UCLA / Mike Crisp

June 21-25

37th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics

Dublin, Ireland / Mark Koepke

June 22-24

2010 Ion Beam Driven High Energy Density Physics Workshop

Pleasanton, CA /Mark Koepke

June 28-29

Workshop on Electric Fields, Turbulence and Self-Organisation in Magnetised Plasmas

Clontarf Castle, Dublin /
Mark Koepke

June 28-29

ITPA Coordination Committee Annual Meeting

Cadarache / Erol Oktay

July 5-9

8th Intl Conf on Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement

Novosibirsk/ Curt Bolton

July 11-15

2010 SciDAC Conference

Chattanooga, TN /
John Mandrekas

July 11-16


Gordon Research Conf on Plasma Processing Science

New London, NH /Mike Crisp

July 18-25


38th Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)

Bremen, Germany


July 19-23

Gyrokinetics in Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas

Cambridge, UK /
John Mandrekas

July 27


Cadarache / John Glowienka

July 28

Extraordinary ITER Council Meeting

Cadarache / Ed Synakowski

Aug 2-4

Fusion Nuclear Science / Technology Community Meeting

UCLA / Gene Nardella

Aug 3-4

FES NERSC Requirements Workshop

Rockville Hilton /
John Mandrekas

Aug 3-6

Science with High-Power Lasers and Pulsed Power:  A Research Opportunities and User Meeting

Santa Fe, NM /
Mark Koepke

Aug 3-7

10th Intl Colloquium on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths for Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas

Berkeley, CA / Mike Crisp

Aug 4-6

PFC/PMI Annual Program Review

UCLA / Gene Nardella

Aug 10-11

NSTX Upgrades Pre CD-2 Meeting

PPPL / Barry Sullivan

Aug 8-13

15th Congress on Plasma Physics (ICPP2010) and Latin American Workshop on Plasma Physics

Santiago, Chile / Mark Koepke

Aug 17-18

PSI Center Meeting

Univ of Washington /
John Mandrekas

Sept 7-10

EU-US TTF Meeting/

EFDA TTG Meeting

Cordoba, Spain /
John Mandrekas

Sept 23-24

FSP PAC Meeting

PPPL / John Mandrekas

Sept 27 - Oct 1

Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT) 2010

Porto, Portugal

Sept 30

IEA Nuclear Tech Executive Meeting

Porto, Portugal / Gene Nardella

Oct 4-8

Gaseous Electronics Conference

Paris, France / Mark Koepke

Oct 7-8

ITER Export Control Working Group

Tokyo, Japan / John Glowienka

Oct 10


Daejon, Korea / Debra Frame

Oct 11-15

40th IEA-FPCC and 49th IAEA-IFRC Meetings

Daejon, Korea / OFES Staff

Oct 11 - 16

23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference

Daejon, Korea /
John Mandrekas

Oct 18-22

Asia Pacific Physics Society Conf; Intl Workshop in Fast Ignition

Shanghai, China /
Francis Thio

Oct 21-22

Lehman Review of MECI


Oct 24-29

9th Intl Conf on Tritium Science and Technology (TRITIUM2010)

Nara, Japan /
Gene Nardella

Oct 25-30


Cadarache /
Erol Oktay/John Glowienka

Nov 7-11

19th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy

Las Vegas, NV /
Gene Nardella

Nov 8-12

APS –DPP Meeting

Chicago, IL / John Mandrekas

Nov 16


Cadarache / John Glowienka

Nov 17-18


Cadarache / Ed Synakowski

Nov 23-25

ITER International Fusion Energy Days

Monaco / Ed Synakowski

Nov 30-Dec 3

27th Annual Meeting of The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research (JSPF)

Sapporo, Japan / John Mandrekas

Dec 1-2

FPA Annual Meeting

Capitol Hill Club,
Washington, DC /
OFES Staff

Dec 6-10

6th IAEA Technical Meeting on Steady State Operation of Magnetic Fusion Devices

Vienna / Erol Oktay

Dec 7-9

DIII-D Research Opportunities Forum



Jan 10-12

C-Mod Ideas Forum

MIT / Mark Foster

Jan 11

ITER Mini Lehman Review

ORNL / John Glowienka

Jan 12


ORNL  / John Glowienka

Jan 25-26

ITER Management Assessment Steering Committee

Cadarache / John Glowienka

Jan 26-27

ITER Mac-10

Cadarache / John Glowienka

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