Office of Science Distinguished Scientists Fellows


Dr. Sally Dawson - Brookhaven National Laboratory

For seminal contributions to the discovery of the Higgs particle through theoretical predictions, and a leadership role in thoroughly exploring the Higgs Boson and electroweak physics in research at particle accelerators.

Dr. Ian Foster - Argonne National Laboratory

For trailblazing work in distributed and high performance computing with fundamental and long-lasting impacts on both computer science as a discipline and the practice of computing across the Office of Science.

Dr. Joshua Frieman - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

For pioneering advances in the science of dark energy and cosmic acceleration, including leading the Sloan Digital Sky Survey-II Supernova Survey, co-founding the Dark Energy Survey and service as its Director.

Dr. Barbara Jacak - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

For leadership in discovering and characterizing the hottest, densest matter in the universe - the quark gluon plasma - and in building collaborations and training scientists at the frontiers of nuclear physics.

Dr. José Rodriguez - Brookhaven National Laboratory

For discoveries of the atomic basis of surface catalysis for the synthesis of sustainable fuels, and for significantly advancing in-situ methods of investigation using synchrotron light sources.