Sheltering in Place

If you are advised to shelter-in-place by local news or our website, please follow these instructions:

  • Bring everyone inside (including pets).
  • Close all doors and windows.
  • Turn off and close all ventilation systems, including:
    • Air conditioning
    • Attic & exhaust fans
    • Furnaces
    • Fireplace dampers
  • Determine what sector you are in (see Evacuation Map & Routes) and listen to an EAS station (see Public Notification) for further directions.
  • When the outside air is no longer dangerous, an EAS message will be released ending the shelter-in-place. Do not re-open the ventilation in your building or home until you receive the EAS message or update from our website.
  • Shelters may open for individuals who cannot return home due to a shelter-in-place. If you are affected in this manner, please listen to EAS stations for a list of open shelters, or go to the home of a friend or relative outside the area of concern.