Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Berkeley Site Office Categorical Exclusion (CX) Determinations

Determination Date Name of Action: Description Categorical Exclusion Number
7/24/2019 Lease Renewals, 6401 Hollis Street, Emeryville, California and 717 Potter Street, Berkeley, California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LB-CX-19-06) B1.24, B3.6, A9
7/9/2019 Building 28 Verizon Cellular Enhancement Project--LB-CX-19-05 B1.24, B1.7, B1.19, B1.31
6/25/2019 Seismic Safety and Modernization Project, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LB-CX-19-04) B1.13, B1.15, B1.6, B1.23, B1.24, B1.27, B1.28, B1.33, B1.34, B2.5, B3.1.
2/27/2019 Parcel 1 Cleanup Project and BioEPIC Project, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LB-CX-19-03) B1.6; B1.7 ; B1.23 ; B1.27 ; B1.28 ; B1.30 ; B1.33 ; B1.34 ; B2.5 ; B3.1 ; B5.3 ; B6.1 ; B1.15 ; B1.24 ; B1.31 ; B1.33 ; B3.6 ; B3.12 ; A1 ; A2
12/19/2018 LB-CX-19-01 Condominium Lease B1.24
12/19/2018 LB CX-19-02 Sacramento Office Space Lease B1.24, A9, A11
5/30/2018 LB-CX-18-02 ALS-U Installation and Operation at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory B1.6, B1.7, B1.23, B1.31, B2.5, B3.6, B3.10
5/17/2018 LB-CX-18-03 ESnet6 Project, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory B1.7, B1.31, B4.7, B4.12
5/18/2018 LB-CX-18-05 ESnet Lease Modification at 201 W. Springfield Ave, Champaign, Illinois A2, B1.24, B3.6
5/16/2018 Lease and Operation of Greenhouses at UC Davis for the Joint BioEnergy Institute, Ammendment No. 3, LB-CX-18-06 A2, B1.24, B3.6