Management System: Records Management
Subject Area: Records Management

Procedure 1. Creating and Identifying Federal Records

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Latest MS Specific Document Revision Date 10/13/2016
Latest MS Total Biennial Review Completed 5/28/2013
SCMS Revision 1.6

1.0  Applicability

This procedure applies to records generated by or in the custody of Office of Science (SC) staff and managers.

2.0  Required Procedure

SC staff creates and/or identifies records necessary to document activities of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) programs because of the administrative, legal, scientific, research, or historic value of the information contained in them. As creators of Federal records, all SC staff are bound by statutes to guarantee the adequacy, preservation, and disposition of agency records.

Step 1

The document creator/identifier employs Criteria to Determine Record Status to determine record status of documentary material. If the answer is "Yes" to any question, material status is Nonrecord and should be maintained for its approved retention period. Otherwise, material status is Record.


NOTE: Personal files (i.e., diaries, journals, calendars, not used for conducting DOE business) must be clearly designated as such and maintained separately from official records.

Step 2 The Records Owner ensures the adequacy of the documentation as in Procedure 2, Ensuring the Adequacy of Documentation.
Step 3 Record Owner determines if materials contain information that qualifies it as:
Step 4 The Records Management Field Officer (RMFO) works with contractor(s) to identify and document specific categories of records to be systematically created or received, regardless of how transmitted (in person or by messenger, mail, electronic means, or by any other method).

3.0  References