Management System: Financial Assistance
Subject Area: Funding Opportunity Announcement/Solicitation

Procedure 5. Issue Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)

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Latest MS Specific Document Revision Date 5/24/2018
Latest MS Total Biennial Review Completed 1/23/2017
SCMS Revision 2.0

1.0  Applicability

This information applies to Program/Project Officials (Program Staff) and Contracting Officers (COs)/Contract Specialists (CS)/Grant Management Specialists/SC-43 Grants and Contracts Analysts (Contracting Staff) in issuing the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)/Solicitation once all staff reviews have been completed and the rating plan has been approved.

2.0  Required Procedure

Step 1 After uploading the final FOA document in Package/Attachments in Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise System (STRIPES), the Contracting Officer approves/releases the FOA in STRIPES, which then posts the public FOA document in FedConnect (STRIPES communication portal) and posts a synopsis in
Step 2 Contracting Staff logs into and selects the correct application forms package (e.g., DOE R&R Adobe 0209, etc.) and uploads either the public FOA document or an instruction sheet referring applicants to FedConnect to obtain the FOA document.
Step 3 Contracting Staff ensures all applicable documentation is uploaded in the STRIPES FOA Supporting Docs folder.

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