Management System: Environment, Safety, and Health
Subject Area: Monitoring and Controlling Radiological Releases and Materials

Procedure 4. Controlling Public Dose Limits

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Latest MS Specific Document Revision Date 9/11/2013
Latest MS Total Biennial Review Completed 10/10/2014
SCMS Revision 2.1

1.0  Applicability

This procedure is applicable to all Office of Science (SC) Site Office Managers and SC Site Office Staff who authorize work that involves radiological releases to the environment associated with SC Federal and contractor operations and projects.

2.0  Required Procedure

Step 1

The SC Site Office Staff reviews radiological Public Dose exposure data submitted by the contractor resulting from activities to determine the following:

  • That the Public Dose data for radiological exposures is in accordance with U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) O 458.1, Admin. Change 3, Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment (Use the Latest Version).

  • That the Public Dose data is accurate and representative,

  • That the appropriate models and dose conversion factors have been applied, and

  • That the Public Dose exposure data is based upon both routine and unplanned activities.

Step 2

The SC Site Office Staff recommends release of Public Dose exposure data and it is contained as part of the Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER).

NOTE:  For more information on ASER, see Procedure 2, Reviewing Environmental Monitoring Data, in the SC Subject Area: Environmental Authorization.

NOTE:  All exemptions to the requirements of DOE O 458.1, Admin. Change 3 (Use the Latest Version), are to be conducted on a case‑by‑case basis. Exemptions are to be directed through the DOE HQ SC Office of the Deputy Director for Field Operations (SC‑3) to the DOE HQ Office of Health, Safety and Security (AU‑1) for final consideration and approval. Exemptions for DOE O 458.1, Admin. Change 3 (Use the Latest Version), are granted consistent with the provisions of DOE O 251.1D, Departmental Directives Program (Use the Latest Version). Central Technical Authority (or designee) concurrence is required for both exemptions and equivalencies to this Order for nuclear facilities.

Step 3 The SC Site Office Staff maintains appropriate reports to document the Public Dose data.

NOTE: For action steps that effectively accomplish the management of records (i.e., retention, security, and classification), see SC Subject Area: Records Management.

Step 4

The SC Site Office Staff verifies compliance with DOE O 458.1, Admin. Change 3, and other applicable standards and regulations.

NOTE: For action steps that effectively accomplish the verification with the requirements of the specified DOE Order and other applicable standards (i.e., assessments, operational awareness, performance trending and issues management), see SC Management System Description: Quality Assurance and Oversight.

3.0  References